R&D Computer Vision Engineer


The deadline to apply for project: a was on the 25th of September, 2017. If you are interested in this company, check out and apply via their own ‘Careers' page.

TomTom is defining what’s next _ in Autonomous Driving.

The project summary

Do you live and breathe AI, deep learning, and computer vision? Are you a kick-ass software engineer with a strong academic background? At TomTom, we are doing world-class research and development to innovate our map technology for driverless cars.

We are in a unique position to advance and to impact the future of autonomous driving, using sensor input from various sources such as LiDAR and cameras to define and build a detailed, high-quality map –essential for precise localisation and navigation of driverless vehicles. Approaches to fully automate and scale this process are key in our research strategy.

Our mapping algorithms and models are from the cutting edge of machine learning, helped by some of the largest labelled maps-related databases in the world. We make use of the latest advancements in deep learning, such as generative adversarial networks and active learning techniques, to solve both supervised and unsupervised learning problems. The latest SLAM and visual odometry algorithms help us to align separate data sources, and to represent them in a common coordinate frame. In addition to this, we enable our models and algorithms to run efficiently on embedded platforms installed in a car.

This vacancy is part of project: a - a global recruitment campaign that calls for the world’s top tech talent to come to Amsterdam to define what’s next _. This invitation goes out to software engineers, data scientists, business analysts and experts in AI & Machine Learning from around the world, on behalf of the City of Amsterdam and our 10 coolest tech companies. Want to learn more about it and see the other nine projects? Go to project.amsterdam.

Your role/ opportunity

We are seeking a computer vision and machine learning R&D engineer for our Autonomous Driving team. From TomTom’s headquarters in Amsterdam, you are researching world class algorithms and models to innovate our map technology for self-driving cars, and to automatically extract features relevant for autonomous driving.

Why you would love to work with us

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Our company/ our team

At TomTom, our people achieve more every day. Our global teams produce and work with some of the largest maps databases in the world, putting us in a unique position to advance highly automated driving. And our impact on the future of driving has only begun.

Selection process

Thank you very much for the expressed interest in the opportunity to change the future of driving together with TomTom! Your challenge to be invited to visit TomTom in Amsterdam starts after you apply. Once you do, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your first assignment: to perform a Codility test to show your coding skills. Afterwards, you will be contacted by the recruiter.

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