Senior Full Stack Developer


The deadline to apply for project: a was on the 25th of September, 2017. If you are interested in this company, check out and apply via their own ‘Careers' page. 

bloomon is defining what’s next _ in the Flower Industry

The project summary

Strategically positioned in the Netherlands, the heart of the world’s largest flower export industry, bloomon launched in Amsterdam in November 2014. Disrupting the traditional grower-auction-wholesaler-store supply chain, they buy flowers, design, arrange and deliver unique bouquets - directly from the grower to the customer. Their innovative approach – 80% shorter supply chain than the one of the traditional florist – ensures exceptionally fresh, long-lasting flowers of outstanding quality. By digitizing the supply chain bloomon is the first company to introduce technology and data in the flower world.

Our project: a is developing a grower platform to forecast future purchasing and production needs.

This next step into digitizing our supply chain will help improve not only the accuracy, but will decrease waste and financial losses caused by wrong amount of purchases. This, in the end will also result into spreading more happiness amongst our customers.

This vacancy is part of project: a - a global recruitment campaign that calls for the world’s top tech talent to come to Amsterdam to define what’s next _. This invitation goes out to software engineers, data scientists, business analysts and experts in AI & Machine Learning from around the world, on behalf of the City of Amsterdam and our 10 coolest tech companies. Want to learn more about it and see the other nine projects? Go to

Your role/ opportunity

You’re a person who steps out of your comfort zone and performs tasks that are necessary for the success of our great product. You feel comfortable writing decoupled micro-services, indirectly communicating through an event stream or PubSub, and you challenge those writing monolithic APIs.

You’re probably wondering: How is technology related to the flower industry, and how can I be disrupting anything as a full-stack developer in this environment?

Well, we’re glad you asked!

You’d be surprised to hear that everything in our product is based on tech and driven by data. Behind every bunch of flowers there are tons of algorithms, lines of codes, and you may even come across a bug or two.

What we expect from you

We’re looking for the ultimate Full Stack Developer. We work with the latest technologies to promote rapid development – think React.js, Redux, Webpack, Material UI, Node.js, Hapi, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, and more. Already have a lot of experience in React.js and Redux? Even better. If you know you’re very comfortable with other high-level JavaScript frameworks such as Vue.js, Angular.js, or Ember.js – we would still be very happy. You do need to have a great understanding of Javascript, like how scopes of work and why we don’t like side effects. Everything you do will be in consideration of fundamental principles such as testability, readability, and separation of concerns.

Bonus points for

A way to make us even more excited would be if you bring more knowledge about React sagas, Grid layouts based on react-flexbox-grid. It would be great if you could explain why Bootstrap doesn’t play very well with React’s component based architecture, or that CSS’ global nature in general is somewhat against what we’re trying to achieve. But don’t worry if you don’t have it all – we organize peer programming every two weeks – so just take your enthusiasm and we will help you learn.

What you will get/ Your perks/ Your bounty

At bloomon we assemble our bouquets with unique flowers from all over the world. We believe that diversity creates uniqueness. This is what we translate in our tech team as well. We offer you the opportunity to join a team of unique international developers who are turning the industry on its head. We all love what we do – so challenge yourself, use new technologies, step out of your comfort zone, and take initiative! bloomon is the place where EVERYTHING you do matters!

Our company/ our team

Our working methodology is as disruptive as our stack and infrastructure. We’re developing a Squad model pioneered by Spotify, where you work in small, autonomous,  multi-disciplinary teams. In addition, we use tools such as Slack, Jira, Github, and Trello to communicate efficiently and asynchronously. This allows us to work with anyone, anywhere. We work from hubs spread out between Europe and Asia. After setting priorities, tasks enter a kanban (much like a living sprint), where developers set their own ETA which they themselves monitor using time tracking. This way all our developers know exactly what to do, when and how. Next to that, this approach allows us to hire amazing developers from around the world, without having to compromise based on their location. What are you waiting for? You belong here.

Selection process

We @ bloomon are very excited to receive your application! Teddy, our dedicated Tech recruiter will get in touch with you and tell you more about bloomon and the opportunities we have for your talent. We like to keep it short - after the chat with Teddy, you will be introduced to the tech team and the CTO - a technical interview will determine if we’re the perfect match. And the rest - let’s hope it’s happily ever after, right?

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