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The deadline to apply for project: a was on the 25th of September, 2017. If you are interested in this company, check out and apply via their own ‘Careers' page. 

3D Hubs is defining what’s next _ in 3D Printing.

The project summary

With a network of 3D printers in 160 countries, 3D Hubs provides over 1 billion people with access to a 3D printer within 10 miles of their location. In the coming weeks we'll cross the magical number of 1 million parts printed since the inception of our platform, with close to 100,000 parts being printed every month you could help us scale up our teams to achieve the next growth stage.

Our project: a is to solve marketplace challenges (B2B2C) by discovering data patterns that can help the business to learn and predict consumers’ choices and better accommodate their specific needs. Our data comes from different systems, including 3rd parties, so the challenge is to create a cohesive and accurate overview. By setting up a reliable data structure with factual data flows, we aim to have the data fast accessible for decision makers inside 3D Hubs. This will have a direct impact on the growth of our global 3D printing business.

The 3D printing domain is of high complexity, due to different types of technologies, the materials and their mechanical properties. Also our customer base is distributed globally, with various personas - engineers, architects and designers from multiple geographic areas.

This vacancy is part of project: a - a global recruitment campaign that calls for the world’s top tech talent to come to Amsterdam to define what’s next _. This invitation goes out to software engineers, data scientists, business analysts and experts in AI & Machine Learning from around the world, on behalf of the City of Amsterdam and our 10 coolest tech companies. Want to learn more about it and see the other nine projects? Go to

Your role/ opportunity

If you enjoy programming in Python and have a good experience in pulling data from SQL DB’s, then we are looking for you. As a Data Engineer in the 3D Hubs team you work on the core engine behind our platform. The main goal for you will be to firstly build data flows and data structure and provide the Finance, Product, Business Development or Marketing teams with valuable data coming from different internal and 3rd party systems. The challenge is to keep the data platform both flexible and reliable.

You will help craft features or define new business lines that are groundbreaking and accelerating the entire Additive Manufacturing industry. But most of all, you will help in building a unique experience for engineers, designers and architects that use 3D printing to prototype their next big idea. Don't be surprised when you get hit by goosebumps when engineers from NASA, Tesla or DARPA give you kudos on your latest features, helping them to be more productive and prototype even faster.

If you:

… then you’re perfect for this role!

What we expect from you

Because 3D printing is a rapidly evolving industry, we find ourselves learning and educating at the same time, this means iterations have to be fast-paced. You'll be able to rapidly A/B test different solutions with our customers and suppliers, helping you to find the ones that work best.

Our challenges are threefold; e-commerce, a market place and 3D printing. These combined allow you to apply your skills in a complex environment and solve meaningful customer problems daily.

We navigate through the data using some of these packages and libraries:
- Python data stack and R for fancy statistics.
- Databases: Postgres, Redshift, MySQL
- 3rd party tools like: mode analytics, mixpanel,

But we do welcome new tech that can make us become more efficient.

What you will get/ Your perks/ Your bounty

Our company/ our team

You'll join a truly international engineering team with backgrounds ranging from computational geometry to data science. Don’t worry if you don’t have any knowledge of 3D printing yet, because you will join a culture that is centered around learning. Whether it’s Scrum, Agile or Kanban, we are open to new methodologies of delivering projects, as long as they improve our clock speed. Together we build scalable solutions and literally change the way manufacturing will work in the future.

Find out more about the company culture and the people behind 3D Hubs here!

Selection process

We try to be as efficient and as fast as possible, without compromising the quality of human interaction.

I. HR Discussion ~ 45’
The Talent Lead will share more info on company culture, the Engineering team and will give a detailed overview of the steps in the selection process, people involved and the timeline.

The main goal is to find out more about you, your future development plans and what you  are looking for in terms of company, team, technology stack.

After the phone screening, you will receive feedback within 24h via phone call or e-mail.

If after this stage we align and decide to further explore, you will receive access to the practical assignment. What better way to showcase your skills and product understanding!

II. Data assignment ~ 2 - 4h
Exciting practical assignment where you will receive real data from 3D Hubs and propose a solution. The time invested on your side should be a couple of hours and you can work on it from home.

III. Review by team

IV. Meeting with the Data Scientist ~ 1h
At this stage you get the chance to explain your solution on the Data assignment and logic behind it, but also find out more about our data projects, tools and methodologies.

V. Meeting with CTO/Co-founder and Product Manager
This stage will offer more details on the product vision, company outlook and culture inside 3D Hubs, and most of all your opportunities for growth.
All your questions will be answered :)

VI. Offer
We aim to extend the offer in maximum 48h via e-mail.
The Co-founder will jump on a quick call to explain all the details of the compensation package and answer any additional questions.

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